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A FUN and FRIENDLY environment where career individuals can train  – WITHOUT the fear of being hurt…

Check out what these CAREER  INDIVIDUALS have said about our academy:

Dr. David Babington Optometrist
  I have been with Invictus Martial Arts for almost 2 years now. It is a down to earth practical, fun, workout for any age and body type. I have learned so much from my teammates and coaches there. There are no egos, everyone there respects each other and want to help everyone else learn. I have made many lasting friends ships and look forward to making more.  
Dr. Crystal Anderson Astrophysicist
It is a great place to train and enjoy learning jiu jitsu and muay thai. We are all family here! We are always helping each other in and outside the gym to reach our potential. This is my favorite place to train and people to train with! You will never find a better jiu jitsu coach than Rick. He's definitely one of kind. Always there to help no matter what, day and night. He is one amazing coach and friend! He has a big heart which sets him apart from any other coach.  
Dr Jason Mckee Pediatric surgeon UNM
  Before I started jiu jitsu at Invictus my martial arts experience consisted of 4 months of Karate during college and my grappling experience consisted of wrestling in elementary school PE. Rick and the other coaches are excellent teachers for any skill level. Whether you can make it one a week or every day, they are going to do what it takes to help make you better. The team is welcoming to all newcomers whether you are looking for exercise, self-defense or to become a competitor. I’ve been going for a year and a half now and look forward to every class  
Mr. Jon Aranda High School Teacher
Unlike any other gym in town. Everyone here is friendly, qualified, patient. Coaches are eager to train you and get you better.
Jarl Moreland USFS Geographer
You cannot find another fight gym that better balances qualified high level instruction, welcoming instructors and athletes, emphasis on family and community, and desire to have fun and grow through training than Invictus. I've trained with most of the folks here for years and it is more than a gym. We are friends and family. We love training, learning, and growing together. You can go other places and get one or two of the things I listed but you'll never get all of them. Come by and see us and the experience will speak for itself.
Toby Eicher Helicopter Pilot
The head instructor is a highly motivated, dedicated & skilled individual. Classes are filled with great people who have fun honing their technique. Invictus provides a safe environment to learn martial arts and be competitive without fear of "meatheads". Build strength, burn fat and gain confidence with us, we love new training partners.

An UPLIFTING environment to focus on YOUR goals without the fear of judgment or injury…

Absolutely No Contracts to worry about!

New Member Special: $45/per month for the first three months.
(No start up fees, No equipment fees to deal with)
No Mat fees for out of town visiting students, Come in and enjoy classes.
Mindset and technique videos on our 'Invictus VLOG' page for everyone

Come Try out a free week in all of our amazing classes

(No previous experience or athletic ability required)

 (Sparring optional, progress at your own pace) 

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